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May 06, 2006



Goal Type:

Boston Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

2006 Ogden Marathon 4:19:33.

2006 St. George 4:05:31

2007 Riverwoods 1/2 Marathon 1:34:47

2007 Speedy Spaniard 10K 43:20

2007 Riverwoods 10 mile race 1:12:38

2008 St George Marathon 3:43:37 

2012 Spectrum 10K 43:54

2012 St. George Marathon 3:42:17 PR!

2014 St George Half  Marathon 1:40:34 C/PR

2019 American Fork Half Run Against Cancer 1:40:31 C/PR

2019 Nebo Half Marathon 1:38:09 2nd in my Age group 55-59.C/PR

Short-Term Running Goals:

Get more consistent like I was 5 to 6 years ago. 2020 I'd like to just run more overall.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Stay healthy and keep running until I'm really old, and maybe get a Boston Qualify.


I am Married and my wife Cindie and I have 5 kids. I am an insurance agent and have been for over 30 years.

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Miles:This week: 25.01 Month: 112.66 Year: 1141.83
Kayano 24 Sage Green Lifetime Miles: 118.79
Kayano 24 Blue & Yellow Lifetime Miles: 135.41
Nimbus 19 Red & Blue Lifetime Miles: 154.65
Kayano 24 Blue & Yellow Lifetime Miles: 128.31
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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesCrosstraining milesTotal Miles

Today I did the Salem Canal Payson Loop and I ran at a pace that felt comfortable and that I could sustain for awhile, a Tinman Tempo so to speak... When I finished I was surprised at my pace results, and the first thing I thought was Sasha is going to mad at me, my average pace was 8:22 with my heart rate at an148 average with a total time of 42:50. The pace felt good and I had real good form throughout the whole run and I haven't had that for along time so I am really pleased with the workout this morning, tomorrow I will do a true recovery run at a nice easy pace. My splits went as follows; 8:29(138), 8:31(146), 8:22(148) with a small 200 meter hill in it, 8:05(156), 8:14(156), .13 8:53(156)... My leg felt good so I will see how it feels in the morning and then go from there, it was colder this morning that it has been in along while I think winter is just around the corner, so watch out!!!

See You Tomorrow.

Kayano 12 Orange ( 63  )

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A real nice recovery run this chilly morning, I ran the salem canal road towards spanish fork out and back. I just really tryed to keep my pace nice and easy and not get carried away like I did yesterday, my average pace was 8:58 (perfect for me for a recovery run) and my average heart rate was 150( this totally makes no sense to me) my monitor must have been out of wack, total time was 45:05. I think my heart rate monitor is not working right because my first mile said my heart rate was 165 and my pace was at 9:01, so I don't know I have changed the battery in it so I don't know if it is the colder weather that is doing it or what... I also did the standard lower body weight training and core training for 30 minutes and I think I am starting to feel the benefits from continuing this workout twice a week. That is about it, we had a grand time at my son Ethans flag football championship last night, I will have to share that with you later because I am out of time.

Kayano 12 Blue ( 168 )

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My legs were alittle tired from the strength training yesterday, which is kind of wierd because usually I feel stronger the day after that workout, but not today, I did the Salem Canal rd to payson loop with the small 200 meter hill in it... My pace felt comfortable and I tryed to keep my heart rate down, my average pace was 9:06 and my average heart rate was 139 which is better than it has been, total time was 46:47. I hope tomorrow I will feel better strength wise and have alittle more bounce in my step, not much else to say except I will see you tomorrow.

Kayano 12 Orange (68 )

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I ran the Salem Canal Rd towards spanish fork loop this fine brisk morning, my legs starting out were alittle heavy but on the third mile I was able to pick it up just a bit and they finally awoke... I wasn't planning on doing a mini tempo run but decided to keep the pace about a minute off my marathon pace, or close to that; 8:20(140), 8:14(153), 8:33(152), I didn't keep them real tight pace wise I  just tryed to run by feel without looking at the watch. My leg felt okay, it seems to be getting better but I am still not 100%, I am hoping that through the next month I will be back up to speed and doing hills again and major tempo work, this remains to be seen, I am just thankful to be back out on the road again even if I am not at full strength. I am going Pheasant Hunting with 2 of my brothers and my son Ethan tomorrow so I don't know when I will get my run in, maybe early before we leave or after we get back...

See ya tomorrow.

Kayano 12 Blue ( 173  )

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No running today, I went Pheasent hunting with my two brothers and my son Ethan this morning and I just had no time to run today but I will do a long run tomorrow morning... We walked about 3 miles today tracking down those darn birds, it was a good time, my leg and my body needed the day off to recover anyway so I think it was good to take the day off.

See Ya tomorrow...

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I wanted to do a longer run this Saturday than I did last week (8) so my goal was 10 miles and I was able to accomplish that, I ran the Salem canal road to the Spanish Fork riverbottoms loop.  I had some bowel problems towards the end but I was able to get to the ball diamonds on canal rd in Salem and take care of that issue,  thanks to the Salem Rec for keeping the bathrooms open, it was a blessing... Well enough of that lets move on to the run, my average pace was 8:51 and my heart rate average was 144 with a total time of 1:28:44 not real fast but it was more about the distance today rather than the speed of each split. I felt pretty strong for most of the run until I started to have the bowel issues and it really hampered my rythum, my leg held up pretty good although I didn't push the pace so that is propably why.

I was able to see all the Spanish Fork group out today, they are always good for a wave and a thumbs up to keep me motivated and on the right track. I would like to get my speed back but it is coming back slowly, somedays I feel I am close but then somedays I feel like I am a ways away from where I would like to be, but so goes the life of a runner...

See ya on Monday.

Kayano 12 Blue. (183)

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