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Week starting Apr 15, 2007

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Member Since:

May 06, 2006



Goal Type:

Boston Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

2006 Ogden Marathon 4:19:33.

2006 St. George 4:05:31

2007 Riverwoods 1/2 Marathon 1:34:47

2007 Speedy Spaniard 10K 43:20

2007 Riverwoods 10 mile race 1:12:38

2008 St George Marathon 3:43:37 

2012 Spectrum 10K 43:54

2012 St. George Marathon 3:42:17 PR!

2014 St George Half  Marathon 1:40:34 C/PR

Short-Term Running Goals:

I would like to stay healthy this year and qualify for Boston, 2008 was pretty tough injury wise...

Long-Term Running Goals:

Stay healthy and keep running until I'm really old, and maybe run a sub 3 hour marathon...


I am Married and my wife Cindie and I have 5 kids. I am an insurance agent and have an agency with my Dad that we have had for all most 30 Plus years.

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 30.10 Month: 83.35 Year: 404.90
Nimbus 17 Red & Gray Lifetime Miles: 117.36
Kayano 22 Dark Blue-gray Lifetime Miles: 172.66
Kayano 23 Orange Lifetime Miles: 183.62
Kayano 22 Gray And Green Lifetime Miles: 66.50
Nimbus 17 White & Blue Lifetime Miles: 160.44
Nimbus 18 Red Lifetime Miles: 158.40
Nimbus 18 Blue Lifetime Miles: 142.04
Kayano 23 Blue & Yellow Lifetime Miles: 176.03
Kayano 24 Blue & Orange Lifetime Miles: 99.05
Kayano 24 Grey Lifetime Miles: 142.10
Nimbus 19 Blue Lifetime Miles: 70.10
Kayano 24 Sage Green Lifetime Miles: 99.94
Kayano 24 Blue & Yellow Lifetime Miles: 107.30
Nimbus 19 Red & Blue Lifetime Miles: 39.30
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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesCrosstraining milesTotal Miles

Tempo run today, standard 3 miles with a 2 mile warm up. Tempo splits went as follows; 7:11(155), 7:28(163) this had a gradual climb uphill, 7:11(160). Average pace for the run was 8:31 my average heart rate was 150 and total time was 1:08:13. Cooled down with a three mile jog, my foot is still bothering me not as bad as it has been though. It felt really good yesterday but then again I didn't run yesterday as it was Sunday and I never run on Sunday.

recovery run tomorrow and I will see how my foot does, hopefully it will recovery today enough so I can run tomorrow, it has up to this point.

See ya tomorrow.


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Recovery run today, I tryed to stay on a flat course with no hills so I stayed along canal road for the whole run. I think through experimenting I have found that my slow pace should be around a 9:30 mile,  any slower than that and it is painfully slow and seems to be wairing down my legs rather than recovery. My average pace was 9:46 which is a little slower than I need to be and my average heart rate was 130 total time was 1:19:14. Tomorrow I am going to tackle Harry Davis Hill and get some serious hill work in, and then Thursday I am aiming for another tempo run and then I will be heading to San Diego for a few days with my wife. I don't know if I will even run down there I might just take it easy and let my body heal up, but then again knowing me I will probably run in spite of my own stupidity.

See Ya Tomorrow.

Wave Nirvana(97)

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Hill work today with a little tempo run thrown in. Harry Davis Hill was brutal, with a 15 mile an hour head wind and a 10% grade and a bad back its enough to do this 43 year old in. Did my standard 2 mile warm up and then at the start of mile three it is striaght up hill for a mile and a quarter and then with a head wind  it felt like my legs were in quicksand. About half way through I wanted to quit but I gave myself a pep talk and away I went. I was really surprised with my heart rate while this was all going on I felt like I had more in the tank, as you will see in my splits. My splits went as follows; Mile 3- 10:52(152) 10% grade for 1 mile, 8:45(148) not so hilly but still going up, 7:57(159) a combination of up hill and then down. 7:18(151) this mile was straight downhill and I did back off abit so as not to get an injury, I then did a 2 mile cool down. Total time was 1:11:51, I was really proud of myself today. That is a tough run and I really pushed it up those hills and still had some strength towards the end. I think my fitness is coming around, although I feel like I have along way to go to get where I want to be, but I feel that I am on the right track. Recovery run tomorrow and then I head for San Diego.


Asic 2120(79)

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Standard recovery run this mourning, I am getting ready to head to San Diego this morning. I tryed real hard to keep my heart rate down below 130 but the only way to do that was keep my pace at about a 10 minute pace which seems kind of slow but I did it and my average heart rate was 129, when I first started out it was reading 155 and I don't know why it does that, I am going to change the battery today and see if that helps. I might need to get some contact gel to see if that makes a difference, total time was 1:18:43 with an average pace of  9:50. I am going to try and get a few runs in while I am down in San Diego, we are coming back on Sunday so have a good one, I hope it's warm down there.


Wave Nirvana 3 (104)

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I was in San Diego this weekend we arrived on friday and it was a monsoon rain storm that lasted all day, so I wasn't able to run on Friday. Saturday the weather cleared and I did 9 miles of mostly easy running with some 400 meter sprints thrown in, with an 800 recovery in between, on mostly flat surface. There was a trail that ran along the beach and it was really nice I really did enjoy myself, it was beautiful. Total time was 1:19:00.

I would just like to ask all those who can, to say a prayer for the Haliday family that was killed on wednesday in a car crash, they were from Salem. Colton was a friend to my son Ethan,  he was at our house on Monday playing and now he is gone, Colton and his family will be sorely missed, Please pray for the Father, he is having a rough time. It really puts things in perspective and helps us all to see what is really important, Family.

See ya tomorrow.


Ascis 2120 (88)

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